In keeping with the organization's mission, FGBC has developed Green Certification Programs that apply to organizations in the construction and government sectors. Seeking FGBC certification demonstrates a commitment to providing customers and/or stakeholders with products or services that are green and sustainable. Certification exists for:

  • Homes (single family homes and multi-family 3 stories and under)

  • Commercial Buildings

  • High-Rise Residential Projects (Multi-family 4 stories and above)

  • Land Development

  • Local Governments

These programs are based upon clear and concise standards that have been developed by industry experts familiar with the unique environmental issues that must be addressed in Florida. In addition, the organization regularly conducts training sessions for these programs, and carefully monitors policy compliance in the rating process.

The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) designated Volusia County as a Florida Green Local Government in 2010 after it successfully met the sustainability standards established in the FGBC Green Local Government Certification program. Volusia earned a silver level designation.

Volusia County is currently in the process of re-certifying as a green local government through the Florida Green Building Coalition.

Green Volusia Steering Committee
Katrina Locke
(386) 736-5927 x 15850

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